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Nigro and we

We –  Anka, Chris and our beloved Nigro :) .

It is clear that for each animal lover his or her favourite (in his case the dog) is the dearest in the word… obviously we have the same :) We are mad at his point and we don’t shame to admit that :D.

I wrote a little about Nigro… so maybe now something about us :).

We’re both ITs… for the most part Chris deals with hardware and I deal with software. Thus, Chris will assemble a great computer for you, design and configure the network and I, for exapmle, will make Your Favourite’s website for you :).

Except our beloved dog and working with computers  we both have one more passion – we ride motorcycles (anticipating the question :D… yes, each of us has its own motorbike :) )

I, as probably most of the girls :D, love dancing and I devote my time to this passion as well.

Unfortunately, the day has only 24 hours so we have to divide our time between the work and all our interests… oh sometimes it’s hard … and our friends complain that we don’t have time for them… we are really sorry :*


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