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In this section I present the things that Nigro has  achieved thanks to my and Chris’ work with him.


So far, Nigro has been doing very well at the dog shows, what, of course, makes me very happy :). But the most important for me is that he is a phenomenal working dog.


He feels great in water and in water he can perform tasks for hours (oh it’s hard to wipe him out : D). As soon as we have time we try to develop Nigro’s water rescue  skills. Newfoundlands’ spontaneous desire to save the drowning is transmitted genetically, therefore, Nigro transmits great genes of working dog to his descendants.

He is a very good kynotherapeutic dog (we passed the exam with distinction :) ). 

Obviously we want to work with him and improve his skills all the time,  thus we still have a lot of work ... but very nice work! :)


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In short:

  • Polish Champion  
  • Polish Junior Champion 
  • The Best Young Dog 2008 – 3rd place at 21 dogs 
  • The Best Adult Dog 2009 – 13th place at 51 dogs
  • The Best Adult Dog in Rase  (The Winner)
  • BOB - Best of Breed
  • BOG III - Best of Group - IIIrd place
  • Polish Champion of Water Rescue Dogs and Working in Water 2010 
  • II place i Silver Medal  on the Club Dog Show  in open class 5 dogs in competition – he lost only with Multichampion! 
  • Completion of training with distinction and passed the kynotherapeutic dog exam
  •  Certifications of Pulling Work – all of them finished on the 1st place in his class 
  • Jumping from helicopter :)

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